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There’s no doubt about it, blue light has got itself a seriously bad rap over the last few years. But what exactly is blue light, and why should you protect yourself from it?

Where does blue light come from?

Blue light, a high-energy visible light, comes from both natural and artificial sources. Natural blue light can have some positive effects, including lifting mood and regulating circadian rhythm. However, it's the artificial blue light that causes worry.


Most of the blue light we absorb comes from the sun. This "high-energy visible light" is what makes the sky blue.


Our phone, tablet and laptop screens are made up of tiny LED bulbs constantly pouring out artificial blue light.


LED and fluorescent lighting is common place in office and other workplaces. It's also a prime emitter of artificial HEV light.

What is blue light?

Behold the light spectrum, where wavelengths of light are measured in nanometers. Notice that blue light is the closest visible light to ultra-violet light.It ranges from about 380 to 500nm, compared to red light’s 700nm.

Put simply, it’s one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths on the spectrum, and accounts for an impressive one-third of all visible light.

Symptoms of over-exposure

Studies have shown that prolonged and repeated exposure to blue light can have a number of ill-effects on our bodies.In the short-term: aches, strains, pains, and lethargy in around the eye area.In the long term, there's even a chance it may accelerate macular degeneration and damage cells in the retina.That blue light from your screen messes up your sleep too - surely a case of Netflix and no-chill. It depletes the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for putting you to sleep.





The Solution

Ambr Eyewear® glasses are for anyone who exposes themselves to excessive amounts of blue light.Our custom acetate and Monel® frames are fitted with powerful blue-blocking lenses. You can wear them whether you need a prescription or not.

How our lenses work

Our lenses are made from lightweight and shatterproofpoly-carbonate. A naturally occurring pigment is baked into the mixture, which blocks a significant portion of the blue light spectrum.Finally, the lenses are topped off with an anti-reflective coating and an anti-scratch layer.

Life-changing lenses for curious eyes.

The benefits of wearing
Ambr Eyewear®


Say goodbye to the headaches and eye-strain driving you crazy. So you can concentrate on getting stuff done.


Improve sleep quality and fall asleep easier. By blocking evening blue light, you're regulating melatonin production.


We don't quite know what the future holds for screen users. But taking preventative action early might be a good idea.

"My job can result in me being in a dark room staring at 2-3 screens for 13 hours a day. This would give almost anybody a headache. But now my headaches are few and far between."

John M.


"Lightweight, crystal clear. As somebody who has never worn glasses, I don’t even notice these are on. They have made working from home a lot easier and less strenuous as I stare at a laptop all day.

Kevin F.


"They look great, fantastic price and the filter in the lens works a treat. I noticed I'm sleeping much better these days and think the glasses have played a big part. Would definitely recommend."

Rita O.